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2013 07 01 My first Blog (Ganesha)


It has been a thought I have cherished since a long time – to write a blog. But somehow I never pushed myself to write one, ever, in the last so many years that I have been reading blogs. However, today is the day that I can proudly say that yes, here I am. I have made myself a platform to write blogs. And convey to everyone, what my thoughts are, what my opinion is and what my preferences are.

The intention to write these is to create an archive of articles that maybe a few years down the line, I can reflect upon. Though it is primarily meant for personal satisfaction, I also hope that somewhere, it will help the readers to stimulate their thought process. If it can create an environment where I and my readers are challenged with newer ideas and thoughts, my vision will be achieved.

Since I have interest in many fields – technology, politics, sports, economics and travel to name some – I have created categories and sub-categories that will allow me to touch any topic that interests me and yet be able to sort it out logically, for me and for my readers.

I must also thank Mr. Ashish Gosavi, the senior web designer, who has created a wonderful platform for me to start blogging. The last month or so must have been very tough for Ashish as I have continuously bombarded him with features that the platform must support to create an economically viable blogging platform. And now that I look at the first view, I must say I am very happy with the result. Ashish has put in a lot of efforts and hard work and I really thank him for that.

I will look to make continuous improvements not only to the content and quality of my writing, but also to the website so that reading the blogs can be a pleasant and a thought provoking activity. To all those, who have read this and may read me in future, I sincerely hope our relationship grows over the period of time.

My blogs as well as comments posted by other readers will prompt many of you to either accept or reject the views/ opinions presented. Some will prefer to stay neutral. The aim is not to convince anyone but to present one or both sides of the story. There will always be yet another aspect to the story and I will look forward to read about it as well. Human evolution only happens if we open our eyes, ears and mind to the new ideas presented by others. With this as a final thought, I conclude my first blog.


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