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Published on: Jul 12 2013 by Sachin
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2013 07 12 Commando

I love action movies. And by action, I do not mean ones with a lot of gun fight and ammunition. But ones where the lead actors have a good hand to hand combat. It is good to see actors stretch their abilities and perform stunts that need a lot of practice and courage. I had seen the trailers of ‘Commando’ a couple of months back and I felt it was a going to be one of those hard hitting action movies I must watch. I had missed watching it then but I got a chance few days back to watch it on the screen. And it was a “paisa vasool” movie for me. I really like action that is not about mindless gunshots being fired or bombs being dropped from all around. Real action is about using your body and skills to perform stunts and create an impact on the viewers. Commando is definitely one of such movies.

  1. The Crew – 
    1. Produced By – Vipul Shah
    2. Directed by – Dilip Ghosh
    3. Music – Prasad Sasthe
    4. Cast – Vidyut Jamwal (Karan), Pooja Chopra (Simrit) , Jaideep Ahlawat (AK)
  2. The Plot – There are only three main characters in the movie but the movie revolves nicely around them. Karan is a brave heart army commando who has been left to his fate in the hands of the Chinese when caught during a failed training session. The logic – is the nation important or the life of a soldier? However he manages to escape and enters India through the border. Along the border, there is a town ‘Pathankot’ where AK is a dreaded goon. He has political connections and the money to use force. He wants to marry Simrit at any cost. Simrit is a sweet country girl. Simrit escapes with the help of Karan. They move around in the jungle. In the process, Karan manages to kill many of AK’s goons. The cat and mouse game continues with some expected twists and turns. In the end, Karan manages to hang AK in the same ‘chowk’ where AK had threatened to kill and hang Karan. Justice done. Karan asks Simrit to wait for his return. Happy Ending. The movie is never short of good action. There is some bit of it at every stage. AK is good. His portrayal is so effective that he makes Karan look like a real army hero. Not many would have been able to do justice to the role like Jaideep Ahlawat. Pooja Chopra is nice too. Infact, the few romantic scenes are shot very well and one finds them cute. And finally, Vidyut Jamwal as Karan is awesome. He carries the movie along, scene by scene, take by take. Not once, did I feel bored. I just loved the action and the thrill provided throughout the movie.
  3. The Songs – There are a few songs in the movie when not required. They distract the viewer. And the viewer waits for the song to get over so that the action can begin again. However I liked two songs. They sounded nice when I heard them for the first time on the screen. (1) Sawan Bairi and (2) Loot Jaawan 
  4. Personal Opinion – I enjoyed the movie. I like to watch action movies with dare devil stunts performed by the lead actors of the movie. There are quite a few from Hollywood that easily manage to satisfy my urge for such action. However this genre is difficult to find in Bollywood. However Commando gave me an opportunity to be satisfied about seeing a nice action movie in a long time. It reminded me of the early 1990’s, where three newcomers had banged in with hard hitting action movies as their first – Akshay Kumar (Saugandh), Ajay Devgan (Phool Aur Kaante) and Sunil Shetty (Balwaan). All these movies had launched the actors with hardcore action. Commando does the same to Vidyut Jamwal. I personally think he has it in him to stay in this industry for a long time. Only thing, he must do at least a few more of such action movies.
  5. Rating –  4 out of 5 (for the action lovers)
  6. P.S. – The dialogues of the movie are good. And Vidyut Jamwal does well in delivering them to good effect. The characterization of AK and the performance of Jaideep Ahlawat add spice to the dialogues. Some of the dialogues I specifically remember from the movie (obviously delivered by our action hero) are:
    1. Main insaan ke baton se uski jaat aur harkaton se uski aukaat jaan jaata hoon. Tu ek mamuli goonda hai.”
    2. Main bahaduri aur bewakoofi main farak jaanta hoon
    3. Mujhe maarne ke liye kabhi aadmi leke nikalta hai aur kabhi kutte. Kabhi akele nikla kar toh mard hone ka ehsaas hoga
    4. Aadmi bhi tere. Ilaaka bhi tera. Hathyar bhi tere. Jumle bhi tu hi kar

Disclaimer – All opinions expressed above are personal and in no ways meant to criticize the efforts and hard work put in by the crew.

— Sachin

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