Sincere Thanks

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Dear Friends,

No journey can be completed without fellow travelers. None of the fellow travelers accompany us in our entire journey. They meet us at different points of our journey. Knowingly or unknowingly; they help us, motivate us and inspire us on our path. It is important to remember those, who through their contribution become a significant part of our journey.

I sincerely thank each one of you who has directly or indirectly helped me in my journey and inspired me to reach my destination.

Sachin Sadare


18 August 2013 – Thanks to My Readers

I have completed one month of successful launch of my blogging site. I must say thanks to all my readers (regular and sporadic) for giving me the reason to believe that through my blogs, I satisfy their urge for good reading. In a month’s time, I have almost 1250 visitors to my site and more than 2500 page views. This to me is a tremendous confidence booster. I will try my best to keep up my writing to meet the standards and expectations of my readers. Once again, thanks for your over-whelming support. 


18 July 2013 – Thanks to Chiron Synergies

Today is the official launch of my blogging site. I would like to thank Chiron Synergies for creating the perfect blogging platform for me. Within a few weeks, all my requirements were translated into features that I could use. Ashish Gosavi – the senior web designer with Chiron Synergies has been instrumental in creating a wonderful blogging experience. Sushant Jamdar has created a nice and apt logo. Pravin Varankar has provided help and assistance when needed. The team at Chiron Synergies takes care of everything technical. They manage the entire blogging site for me. I do not have to worry about anything except writing blogs – my passion. I would like to thank Chiron Synergies and the team for the quick turn-around and excellent response time in translating my vision into reality.