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Mountain Climbing Austria

Dear Friends,

I am a knowledge seeking enthusiast from Mumbai, India. This blog site is a collection of my thoughts, opinions and insights on topics that interest me – politics, management studies, travel, movies, sports, history and technology. I have specific areas of interest in each of the above categories. This blog site is a channel to express my emotions as I read news or experience different aspects of life. This blog site is also an opportunity to present my analysis and engage you in a stimulating discussion.

By qualification, I am a Bachelor of Electronics Engineering from V.J.T.I., Mumbai having passed out in 1999. I am also a post-graduate in business administration, completing my MBA from MBS (Melbourne Business School), University of Melbourne, 2007. During my MBA, I spent a semester on exchange at RSM (Rotterdam School of Management), Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My education is my most coveted treasure in life. Not only have I gained knowledge, but I have also gained friends who had a big positive influence on my life. Through my blogs, I also hope to relive some of my experiences as a student and etch them online forever.

Professionally, I started off as a software developer, later on managing teams, projects and customers. So far, I have worked for two companies – Tata Consultancy Services (about 7 years) and Nokia CDMA (about 6 years). My area of work has always been in the field of telecommunication. I have been part of the CDMA wireless technology lifecycle from 1999 to 2010. More than 10 years of working on the same technology, with different roles and responsibilities, has given me the best possible outlook one can have while working with newer and upcoming technologies. Since 2010, I have been involved with enterprise mobility solutions and mobile platform ecosystems. Technology that can change human behavior and perception excites me. I will share my experiences or insights about the internet and mobile technologies through my blogs.

My passions are travel and movies. Travel allows me to experience new things and sometimes already known things but with a different perspective. I have travelled extensively in India and around the world. I am very meticulous with my travel research and plans. I will be sharing my travel plans, experiences and suggestions with you. It might help some of you to plan your travel better if you intend to go to a place I have been before. I have been a movie buff since I was a small kid. As kids, we all love to listen to stories. For some like me, the passion stays even as we grow up. Movies for me are a means to listen and visualize new stories. Apart from these, I have a keen interest in many other areas – cricket, economics, politics, education and history. I have been an avid reader and over the years have analyzed events through my personal lens. From now on, I have a platform to articulate and share my analysis with you all.

I like to share my thoughts with you. I wait to read your emails and comments on my blogs. I enjoy stimulating discussions and look forward to having them with you. I will always be available to discuss the topics that I am passionate about.

If there is something you would like me to write on, give me a feedback about it. I invite you to register on my blog site so that we can regularly share our opinion on topics that matter to us. You can advertise with me on my blog site. I welcome and appreciate your gesture.

Your Friend,
Sachin Sadare

Ruins of Luxembourg

CN Tower Canada